The more delicate images are from the Seed Concertina, the youngest book; this encapsulates the biological growth from seed to fruit in concertina format that folds into a neat box, unfolding a continuous narrative in twelve images.

Every  fruit contains a seed and every seed a forest is the motto of the  story.

The entire story from seed to fruit will be told and re-told on different levels as this Blog manifests.

The more robust images come from Myself by Seed: the heroine becomes a metaphor for any child and articulates an inner world, inviting interpretation on many levels. Enhancing confidence in natural processes, they are conducive to discussion between generation gaps.

A spreadsheet of selected images from Seed Concertina is here: 

And for Myself by Seed: 

Fine prints of these images mounted for framing are available.  Please contact me on the form below to initiate a dialogue about this if you are interested.