In this image two of the books are printed: Seed Concertina and Myself by Seed. The former is out of print now although in the image section of this Blog good quality prints of the individual pages are mounted and for sale, and the latter is available for sale.  Myself by Seed is a picture book for children with words for adults in Italian and English.

The other little book in the image is one of many handmade concertina books with original paintings and some words in English.  There are many such little handmade books, some in colour and some small cartoon books such as some of the cartoons featured on this Blog.

The story of the growth of a seed is told in a series of three: Seed Story, My World and Me by Seed, and My Amazing Green Food Factory by Seed.   These are books for adults to read with children; they will be printed in small numbers.   Let me begin with the back cover of the last in the series:

O give me sunshine and give me rain/ and air you breathe out to breathe in again…/ O give me kindness/ but don’t forget…/ …Though I’m rooted to the spot, I’m certainly NOT/ dead to the world, Uncaring!/ In this guided tour of my Food Factory/ you’ll discover how much I am sharing!

Front and back covers are cartoon depictions of a leaf with the heroine Seed who explains how her plant body functions.

Although the story is told in a lighthearted manner primarily for children, adults who have never heard the story before will also find it beautiful and interesting.  Here are the characters who tell the story:

All the characters who tell the story of Seed’s amazing green food factory.

Another form of cartoon involves characters who are supposed to be rats; two books are in this series. In The Rats in the Box the Rats finally realize that the only way out of the box is through the garbage hole, and in The Rats are Out they transform their world inside and out while making good use of all that garbage.  In these two images they are relaxing:

Here is the back cover:

Now they’re fresh and clear to grow and change in other ways and leave a garden behind them.

I am hoping to have a limited number of these books printed and bound but this will take some time.

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